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David Russell

General Manager

With an illustrious career spanning nearly four decades, David Russell has cemented his reputation as a leader in the world of kitchen refacing and design. He has become “The Face of Wood Front”, appearing in the well-known video transformation series across Central Illinois television outlets.

When not on your television, David acts as the General Manager of Wood Front Kitchens. In this role, he oversees daily activity of the company he founded decades ago. From attending appointments to orchestrating sales, Russell’s approach ensures every aspect of your kitchen remodel is executed with precision.

A testament to David’s unparalleled skill is his ability to address homeowners’ concerns. By guiding clients through a time-proven checklist and leveraging his wealth of experience, David alleviates any doubts about the design of their chosen kitchen solution. His commitment to understanding clients’ needs sets the stage for a satisfying design journey.

Above all, David gets immense satisfaction from witnessing the joy his work brings to clients. From initial consultation to the final execution of the custom wood work, David’s dedication shines through on each customer project, over 6,000 to date! Russell continues to elevate the standards of Wood Front Kitchen refacing and design, leaving a great mark on establishing the innovative industry in the greater Central Illinois community.

Meet David Russell

David Russell founded Wood Front Kitchens almost 4 decades ago. Learn more about the man that has become the face of Wood Front Kitchens over decades of insightful infomercials!